BKU offers an entire day of educational opportunities for attendees spread among nine individual courses. Content is divided into three categories: Process, Design, and Application. The program has been implemented specifically to eliminate the typical ‘lunch and learn’ approach which fails to provide core educational value to the design professional. Our instructors are experts in their respective fields and represent over 200 years of combined experience.

Custom Lighting Designs

Instructor: Ian Altares

Explores the need to modify or customize standard products. Design professionals are often hesitant to utilize customized products due to misgivings about budget, development time, listing and certifications. Case studies review the custom design process to develop a broader understanding of the unique challenges associated with developing custom fixtures by eliminating the mythology surrounding them. Content Category: Design.

CNC Machining Luminaires

Instructor: John Owen

Learn how to machine aluminium, brass and stainless steel materials on Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) equipment. Fabrication techniques include lathe and mill operations, precision cutting, bending and radius calculations. Attendees also explore the use of LEAN manufacturing techniques for continuous improvement, recycling and waste reduction. Content Category: Process.

Design Integration, Testing and Failure Analysis

Instructor: David Yacoub

Case studies include testing and measurement of in-grade lens temperature (a common liability issue) as well as available options to mitigate the issue. Experiment to determine traction control for in-grades (slip and fall liability) is also conducted. Attendees perform failure analysis of knuckle designs and serviceability as well as in-grade installation considerations. Content Category: Design.

Metal Finishing

Instructor: Robby Mannon

Fundamentals of metal finishing necessary to protect exterior products against environmental corrosion. Pretreatment and passivation of aluminium and magnesium alloys are demonstrated by comparing hexavalent chromium to non-chromate conversion coatings. Quality assurance standards for polyester powder coat are explained and QA testing of adhesion, cross-link, bonding and MIL-STD thickness are performed. Content Category: Process.

Lighting Performance Standards

Instructor: Justin Perez

Review of current industry standards and testing/certification requirements. Attendees learn the basics of IES-LM-79 (Electrical and Photometric Measurements of Solid State Lighting Products) and IES-LM80 (Measuring Lumen Maintenance of LED Light Sources). Content Category: Design / Application.

Luminaire Manufacturability

Instructor: Johanna Orosco

Attendees gain first-hand knowledge of cellular manufacturing techniques and processes including adhesive seal for water-ingress protection, solid state component assembly, optical assembly, electronic driver assembly, quality assurance inspection and sustainable packaging/shipping techniques. Content Category: Process.

Specification Review, Industry Performance

Instructor: Karen Duffy, LC

An in-depth examination of industry-specific technical materials including product specifications, photometric data, installation instructions and product sampling from a variety of manufacturers. Topics include color rendering, color-point uniformity, efficacy, material selection, mechanical analysis, water ingress protection and construction integrity. Low voltage, solid state and metal halide source are included for review as well as a variety of products source throughout the industry. Content Category: Design / Application.

Sustainable Materials, Environmental Design

Instructor: Tricia McGrath

Review of common materials used to manufacture exterior lighting equipment; manufacturability for each material, including casting techniques, mechanical and tensile strength, rigidity and service life. A hands-on review of micro-climates (ocean, desert, urban and high altitude) on material finishes and weathering is included. Content Category: Design.

Outdoor Lighting Techniques

Instructor: Nathan Sloan

Lighting techniques examined in situ: front lighting (for accent and highlighting objects), backlighting (for contrast), side lighting (for shadowing and texture) and perimeter lighting (for saftey and security). Interaction with solid state, metal halide, compact fluorescent and low voltage halogen sources in various vignettes. Content Category: Application.

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