What is B-K University?

B-K University is a jointly produced educational program which is held biannually at B-K Lighting in Madera, California. The program is hosted by a total of five companies that include B-K Lighting, TEKA Illumination, Star Finishes, Blue Dolphin Design & Engineering and Etendue Cafe.

At a Glance

B-K University is more than just a set of factory tours - it is the lighting industry's most innovative and exciting educational program available, with a purpose to educate the lighting profession in the design, construction and application of outdoor architectural and landscape lighting products.

This unique educational experience brings lighting industry professionals into the daily routine of the lighting manufacturer through the lens of a single luminaire. Participants actually manufacture a lighting fixture from its inception through the design, testing processes, manufacturing, powder coating, assembly, shipping and ultimately, upon completion of the course, its use.

The program revolves around the mainstay product of B-K Lighting: the Nite Star™. The NS was chosen as a teaching tool because of its modular components, high efficacy solid state technology and compact profile. These characteristics are shared among many products B-K Lighting produces, providing the perfect generalized fixture in which to teach students. Students are immersed into "a day in the life of a Nite Star™."

Since its inception in 2002, more than 1,600 lighting professionals including architects, contractors, electrical engineers, interior designers, landscape architects, lighting designers, sales representatives and specifiers have graduated from this one-of-a-kind program and earned the "BKU Alumnus" title.

Attending BKU

B-K University is a highly impacted program because of its intensive, high-quality curricula, exciting courses and first-class accommodations. Due to the high demand BKU is an invitation-only event facilitated through Eastern Regional Sales Manager Karen Duffy and Western Regional Sales Manager Trisha McGrath in coordination with your local sales representative. If you are interested in more information on attending you can call us at (559) 438-5800 or email us at info@bklighting .


B-K University has been a continuing education accredited program since 2012 by various professional lighting industry agencies, organizations and memberships. Please see our "CEU" pages for specific details on current credited courses. The "Classes" page will provide specific information on each individual course we are currently offering, recent instructor biographies and more.

About B-K Lighting

Founded in 1984, B-K Lighting's mission is to provide the lighting profession with the highest quality, most innovative, fairly priced lighting fixtures and services available. To learn more about us or our partner companies you can visit the individual websites displayed below.

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B-K University is jointly produced and coordinated through the efforts of the staff of five companies that include: